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Bolt T-shirt Sheldon Cooper

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Sheldon Cooper is a very famous and loveable character among the viewers of the show and a lot of Big Bang Theory merchandise is made from his quotes.

The Sheldon Bolt t-shirt is the best one to wear if you are in a good mood. It is the best way to have fun and keep things on the lighter side. This t-shirt shows Sheldon Cooper with a funny face having and a yellow design on his right eye. It is in the design of a thunder bolt and that has a caption written at the bottom saying, “Was that sarcasm?” Now, that is an attractive t shirt and one of the best ones among the Sheldon Cooper t-shirts.

This Big Bang Theory Sheldon Bolt t-shirt will definitely look cool on you and it will surely create a good impression among the ones who love Sheldon Cooper or follow the famous TV series Big Bang Theory.

Details :

  • It is a black t-shirt which looks as cool as it gets and is 100% cotton.
  • It is officially licensed from the TV series The Big Bang Theory.
  • Sheldon Cooper, the character has a genius IQ level but lacks any social skills and also fails to get the sarcasm and irony of others. This t-shirts creates the feeling that you have a good IQ level and is also funny. That's what makes it more interesting.
  • The t-shirt depicts a funny character and will look cool on the fun loving people.

Il s'agit d'un produit sous licence officielle The Big Bang Theory.

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